Eric Jang

Here are some of my projects and publications. You can find more coding projects on my Github profile.


10/2018 Grasp2Vec: Learning Object Representations from Self-Supervised Grasping

Robots that teach themselves instance grasping without any labeling.

10/2018 Generative Ensembles for Robust Anomaly Detection

We use generative models to perform out-of-distribution detection, and improve their robustness with uncertainty estimation.

6/2018 QT-Opt: Scalable Deep Reinforcement Learning for Vision-Based Robotic Manipulation

We use reinforcement learning to learn grasping from RGB images on real robots. Robot learns emergent manipulation behaviors like retrial and object singulation!.

12/2017 Sim2Real View Invariant Visual Servoing by Recurrent Control

Careful camera & workspace calibration is not always possible when deploying robots in the real world. In this work we use a recurrent policy to adapt to unknown optical distortions in a robotic reaching task.

9/2017 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Vision-Based Robotic Grasping

We came up with a simulated benchmark for robotic bin picking from RGB images and evaluated 6 off-policy learning algorithms on it.

9/2017 Time Contrastive Networks

We came up with a really data-efficient, unsupervised feature representation for robotic imitation learning. Using this as a state representation, we can get a robot to imitate a human pouring liquids with a single video demonstration (!!).

7/2017 End-to-End Learning of Semantic Grasping

We taught a bunch of robotic arms to learn how to 1) detect 2) classify 3) pick up a variety of objects in a nearly autonomous setup.

11/2016 Categorical Reparameterization with Gumbel-Softmax

A method for backpropagation through discrete categorical samples in neural networks.

11/2016 Emergence of selectivity to looming stimuli in a spiking network model of the optic tectum

A biophysical spiking neural network model of collision detection in Xenopus tadpoles.


ShaderToy Profile

Realtime graphics artwork on ShaderToy.


Visual Debugger for Deep Learning, built on TensorFlow.

Recurrent Neural Networks : a Dynamical Systems Perspective

Final project for my Chaotic Dynamics class (APMA136). I extended a paper to analyze the geometric structure of the submanifold dynamics of Echo State Networks.

Simulating self-organization of color and orientation maps in the visual cortex

Final project for my Neural Dynamics class (APMA2821V). I extended an existing biophysical cortex model to self-organize functional orientation maps and ocular dominance, alongside color orientation maps.

High Frequency Bitcoin Arbitrage

A high frequency trading bot that exploits price inefficiencies between bitcoin/altcoin markets for riskless profit. Does pairwise and triangular arbitrage.

GPU Snow

Three team members and I implemented Disney's Material Point Simulation paper from scratch and extended it to work on the GPU.

3x3 SVD

CPU and CUDA implementations of SVD of 3x3 matrices in 2 microseconds.

Book Crooks

Fall 2013 PennApps submission. We found a JavaScript exploit in Google Books that allowed us to download the full version of any book scanned by Google. Code not released for obvious reasons.

Painting Procedural Render-time Grass

Final project for the Pixar Undergraduate Program. I wrote a Renderman DSO in C++, RIB, Python, and RSL that allows a user to direct vegetation from the rendered perspective. Grass driven by Bezier curves and fractal brownian motion.

Synfire Braid Dynamics in Spatially Constrained Networks

A classmate and I looked at how the physical spatial arrangement of neurons could change the polychronization dynamics of neural networks.

Embodied Simulation of Reinforcement Learning and Motor Control

I wrote a spiking neural network simulator from scratch in Python and used it to model the dopaminergic-thalamic circuit. I coupled the neural simulation to a simulated robot created in Blender.

The Social Docking Project

Volunteer browser-powered distributed computing running on a $0 budget. Gasteiger Partial Charge Equalization, General AMBER Force Field, and Monte Carlo conformation search implemented in JavaScript.