Eric Jang

My day-to-day job is doing robotics and deep learning research at Google Brain.

I graduated from Brown University in May 2016 with a concurrent Masters degree in Computer Science, and a Bachelors degree in Applied Math-Computer Science. In college, I TA'ed Intro to Computer Animation (CSCI1250), Intermediate Computer Animation (CSCI1280), Interactive Computer Graphics (CSCI2240), Computational Vision (CLPS1530).

I previously interned at Pixar Animation Studios, Google, and Two Sigma Investments. You can find a comparison of those experiences here. I spent my high school summers doing research in the Blackburn Lab at UCSF and the Boahen Lab at Stanford.


I enjoy meeting people and learning from them. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk about technology or college or STEM careers.

My email is <firstname><lastname>2004 [at]